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We use foresight & prototyping to help you see the future in a matter of weeks, not months.

Constant change blurs industry boundaries and makes competition more complex than ever. In this environment, traditional strategies increase time to market while reducing reach and possibilities to act. The key to responding to an ever-changing business environment is identifying and targeting new opportunities with evidence-based futures research methods and prototyping. We utilize insights and trend management for innovation and design. With our futures approach, we discover and validate the avenues to future growth, enabling you to reimagine your business.

Mika Nenonen

Mika is an industrial designer helping companies to develop and ship consumer electronics. His main focus area is advanced and emerging technologies in areas such as AR/VR/XR, wearable computers and IoT devices. He has a strong track record in developing product strategies that generate market success, and he's equipped with a unique combination of skills that help businesses drive innovation and understand and engage consumers in a holistic way.

Virpi Vaittinen

Virpi is a Human-centred strategist, futurist and advisor. Virpis strengths and passion lie in figuring out new business opportunities and how to create valuable experiences. Drawing on her background in design and futures research she has helped companies in a wide range of industries to find new business opportunities in global markets and embrace new ways of seeing, thinking and doing in order to create value.

Advisory board

Sami Niemelä

Sami Niemelä is a strategic designer working at the intersection of systems, foresight and design. During over 20 years in the industry, he has worked on several continents, earning himself international patents, numerous awards and has built into exits to the largest companies in the world. He has organized and spoken in at over a hundred industry events ranging from Google to sold-out major conferences to local meet-ups both in person and virtually.

Juha Viitala

Juha has over 20 years experience building complex digital solutions, products, new services and businesses in various industries. Past 4 years he's concentrated on solving the most difficult problems taking advantage of decentralized technologies and harnessing the power of ecosystems. Juha is a co-author of the "Blockchain, Roadmap for Leaders" -book.