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Apply for a voucher

The value of the voucher is 6200€ (5000€+VAT)

You can use the innovation voucher for purchasing expert services related to innovation activities. Innovation activities refer to all measures employed by your company to develop products, services or processes, or to acquire new knowledge and competencies required in innovation activities.

Kind as a service provider

We help our partners win by finding innovative ways to serve people. We identify the new audiences, services and go-to-market approaches that help clients deliver long-lasting value for all of their stakeholders. We use foresight & prototyping to help you see the future in a matter of weeks, not months.

How do I apply for innovation voucher?

Let's draw up a work plan together. After that, you can simply submit an innovation voucher application at Business Finland's Online Service. The accountable project leader must be employed in the applicant company (applicant company is the company which intends to buy innovation services with the innovation voucher). The innovation voucher has a € 1000 + VAT self-financing contribution (irrespective of the size of the project), payable directly to the service provider at the end of the project. Once the service provider has received the self-financing contribution and the customer has reported about the project, the service provider can send up to € 4000 + VAT invoice to Business Finland.