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Leion Pro

Liangliang Vision has been developing industry top level AR products since 2016. We’ve been with the company since the beginning, from creating the award winning design DNA for Liangliang Visions first Leion product, to now developing the flagship device once again.

The arrival of Leion Pro will change people’s perception of AR as smart hardware. Leion Pro is equipped with Intel Movidius Myriad X visual processing chip, with 4 trillion floating-point operations per second. The display scheme adopts self-developed OLED array optical waveguide technology with 85% light transmittance and 4000nits highest brightness. In addition, Leion Pro implements three-dimensional interaction methods such as voice, gestures and even head movements to meet the needs of different fields such as security, industrial maintenance, and equipment inspection.

We’re proud to have developed the second generation Leion device with creative vision and industrial design, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.